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RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water Purifiers Service

If we are talking about the service we will provide in RO water purifier we should know at least what is RO purifier and what you will find inside it which helps to purify water and if any parts get damaged so you will know how much that part is important here and how much it can cost.

In this generation, everything near us is polluted. Water, air, and everything is polluted. And for living, clean water is very essential. So, just because of getting safe and clean water people buy a Water purifier.

Those days were totally gone where we go shopping and buy stuff now everything is online. You can buy anything online. So people buy products online, where we get some discounts as well. You can also buy Water Purifier online through Amazon. 

RO purifiers just not purify normal water but also purify water with high TDS levels. So they are very efficient water purifiers.

What is Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration?

Reverse Osmosis is the process of clearing water. Water includes any kind of dirt. RO helps to separate ions, unwanted particles, and molecules from drinking water, which helps people to live a healthy life. 

There are various components as well of RO water purifier


If you have decided you want to buy an RO water purifier system you should know every single detail of it. Let’s start with its components

Inlet Valve

This valve will help to fit into the water source, like your tap. You have a tube that connects to the sediment filter.

Sediment Filter

The first stage of filtration is Sediment Filter. Your water sources which can contain much dirt can block the RO system. If the water passes from the sediment filter it ensures that there are no visible impurities in the water. 

Pre-activated Carbon filters

In all municipal sources, Chlorine is the important mixture in all water sources. This chlorine can surely destroy the RO membrane. Therefore, we have to remove chlorine from all water sources. Pre-activated Carbon Filters help to remove that chlorine from water. 

RO Membrane 

This is the last component of the RO water purifier. After doing so much still, there is any chlorine or water-dirt which is not visible to our naked eyes it helps to remove that. 

There are certain bacteria and microorganisms which contains in water. You require supplemental filtration techniques like Ultra Violet (UV) and Ultrafiltration (UF) to safeguard maximum purification. 

UV Filters help to remove all kind of bacteria and microorganism and UF filter help to remove the remaining dirt and other contaminants 

Enough brief about RO water purifiers now let’s start with some terms and how our service works.

Water Purifier Repair Service in Raipur 

We provide our customers with professional teams who can repair the product fast and easily. We will provide the best customer experience and quality of services at a very affordable price. All you need is to trust us and help with doing the work we provide. 

Why Prithvi Care?

  • Trained and professional workers 
  • 100% satisfaction of work
  • Provide time to time service
  • No delay in work
  • Affordable price 

Water Purifier Repair Service In Raipur : Hiring Guide

If you are facing problems in your water purifier and don’t find the perfect solution for that, don’t worry you are at the right place. Prithvi Care gives the best professional and trained technicians that have massive knowledge about all kinds of purifiers. From small to big we provide all kinds of service at a very affordable price. You will find the money you are paying for the service is worth and the product will work properly after that. 

You will find quick pick-up calls, if you have any problem with your purifier all you need to call us or contact us from anywhere, we will respond to you very quickly. While on-call or on the website all you need to do is to categories us or guide us on what problem your water purifier is having and we will be very happy to solve it or make it perfect.

How do we Proceed? 

Once you call us or contact us, our skilled technician will be at your doorstep for analyzing the problem. After a quick analysis, he will tell you the price he will be going to charge, and once the price is decided our technician will start his work.

Our Service Include

In our general service, we first perform diagnosis then move towards problem identification, if we find any major problem and your product needs repairing work, then a code will be provided to you before proceeding.

What we exclude from service? 

50 Rs will be charged as convenience fees as our technician came to your door. He will work there and will complete his work soon enough so that it works properly. Prithvi Care will not be liable if any potential risk happens due to customer negligence.  

Service Warranty 

Prithvi Care will not take guarantee of spare parts but we will give you a warranty of 15 days on the service provided. 

Term of Use

If the product is 4 years older at a time of service we will not provide any sort of warranty. Our technician can say NO to work if the product is very old. 

After the completion of work if any physical damage or missing part are noticed we are also not liable for that. 

The branded spare part will charge at MRP. 


Why should we trust Prithvi Care?

We keep trained and skilled technicians to service your product so that nothing bad experiences our customer gets. Plus, we also provide service at an affordable price so that our customers can trust us for our best service. 

Which Water Purifier Brand Prithvi Care Does Prefer To Repair?

Our technicians are experts in every sort of brand which is sold in India.  

What Time Does Your Service Provider Reach To Home?

We provide service at the doorstep within 90 minutes.  

Warranty Period?

We provide a 15 days warranty after the completion of the job. 

Expert Technicians

Low Costing

Ontime Service

Maintain Transparency